A Way of Remembering

Dec 15, 2022Tags: psychology, casualSource: a-way-of-remembering.txt


i deposit the thing into unconscious

i deposit an associated feeling to cycle about conscious

while the feeling’s around, i know there’s a thing

some time passes, i do some tasks. huh. there’s still a feeling

hmm…what was the thing?

i do inscrutable search of unconscious

got it! that’s the thing! that thing destroys feeling like an enzyme


it’s something, right? it’s better than nothing. i can definitely remember a bunch of stuff with it. notice how i can’t really be very specific about the method though. i can't tell how reliable it is, and i know from experience that it's hardly 100%! even on method bits i do identify, i’m being a bit speculative that that’s actually what’s going on. generally, better to just write the thing down