Blog Writing Policy

Dec 3, 2022 (Last edited: Jan 3, 2023)Tags: serious, metaSource: blog-writing-policy.txt


My goal with this policy is to place some light, functional constraints on my blog writing. I'm going to pre-arrange some things so that I can't just make stuff up as I go along and fit it to my biases. (Edit: I consider this a small and limited version of a rationality policy.)


I can write one of two types of blogs:

A casual blog:

A serious blog:

I can update the policy by making the changes explicit below this line.


Labelling blogs as one thing or another stops me from hiding in ambiguities about what a blog really is and what purpose it serves. The structure imposed on a serious blog stops me from being lazy and assuming that I have stated things clearly enough or followed sufficiently good practices. So the policy does help me to reduce bias some.


I'm not starting with that many constraints. I'm a bit cautious about going gung-ho and adding a bunch, since I don't want to get trapped and lose expressive power. But is there anything else which is reasonable that you can think of to add?