Ideal Physique

Dec 4, 2022Tags: casualSource: ideal-physique.txt

What is the ideal male physique? Let’s assume the standard of what attracts the most women.

Well it has to be big and muscly. You have to be strong, imposing, amd dominant; you certainly can’t be weak.

But here’s another factor ... Your physique should also be resistant to small variations, in the sense that it should look about the same/be adapted to the same purposes, even if you de-tone it a bit, put on some fat, gain or lose some muscle. You should still have the same kind of body ripe for chopping wood or whatever. Meaning that there shouldn’t be some kind of delicate balance of harmony in your physique. It shouldn’t be set on a knife’s edge of perfect or refined.

In general, being unaffected by stuff, being unreactive and immovable, is a masculine idea. That applies to your body. People will subconsciously extrapolate from how that feature applies to your body to how it applies to other things. The thing shouldn't get all screwy just because you mess with it a little bit. Unreactiveness means, by association, someone who is robust in difficult circumstances, who doesn’t panic, who acts rationally and knows what to do, someone who can protect you and who you can rely on.

The ideal physique is probably like Henry Cavill’s in Man of Steel. Or an ideal physique is like that. There is like an acceptable area, a range of ideal physiques which has fuzzy edges, and Henry’s is just one example. You can see that there are some minor ‘flaws’ with his physique, in a conventional bodybuilding sense. He’s not like a sculpture like peak Arnold. And yet those bugs are actually features. Having some minor uncaring chub/roughness/edge/misproportions in your physique actually makes you look more robust. You're not trying to preserve some tentative aesthetic optimum.