Dec 15, 2022Tags: philosophy, casualSource: success.txt

you can be ‘successful’ and get a lot of money and status while still being a really bad person.

people want to get out of a 9-5. they want to be their own boss. they want big income streams. when they accomplish this, it’s a success. they’re revered. nevermind the cost.

let’s say Bob escapes his office job and gets that sweet bag.

ok, cool. what did he do instead? uh … don’t worry too much about that. did he make an honest way of an alternative? erm … try looking over there. what kind of person is he now? ffs fine … he sacrificed morality and started and funded scams, he tricked people into doing stuff against their interests, he made people see value where there was none, and took advantage of people’s flaws. but he was wilful about it ok? and he got all this money. mmm, money.

well all that money is stained. it’s a kind of ‘blood money’. you can’t let means be corrupted by an end. you have to be a good person too.